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  2. Changes Yet to Come:

    Despite all the changes that I have already managed to make this month, I am proposing/promising/aiming to achieve a few more things before the end of the year:

    • Get down to 140 lbs. (I have not stopped losing weight recently, this is just a recommittment to my goal) —> currently at ~155lbs.
    • Correct my hip placement so that my Ringette skills can shine through the way that I know they can!
    • Get out of debt (I am now making an income that should assist me in this endeavor.  In previous years I always rely on my credit cards during school, and have to pay off this debt during the following summer.  This year I aim to not get into debt… so that all of next summer’s income can become savings for the upcoming year)
    • Finalize my applications to both Grad School and Law School (by October 15)
    • Use my new financial security (no matter how feable it may be), and new sexy bikini body, to go on a trip with my best friend for Reading Week
    • Cherry on top of a solid year: Find a boy who can love me, and treat me the way I deserve to be treated! (and who is exceptionally good looking! lol)

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  4. I love legwarmers!

    I love legwarmers!

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    This is happening people… I had an image of myself looking hot and sexy in my lawyer power suit… and realized that soooooo many of my dreams could be attained by putting in a few more extra mornings and a few less late nights!

    1am Me may be making promisies that 7am Me doesn’t want to keep… but putting it out to you guys on tumblr is definitely a step in the right direction!

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  10. Me every morning!

    Me every morning!

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  12. The effects of the Olympics.

    1. Makes people proud of their country.

    2. Makes people sexually frustrated.

    3. Makes people question what they've done with their life.

    4. Gives people goals! (added by ambersmirror)

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