Mirror, Mirror
  1. Sunday!

    Great day of moderate eating and a vigorous ringette game!! Highly motivated for tomorrow!!

    Good night darlings!!

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  2. Motivation

    Where has my motivation been lately??

    Santa gave me a new tv for my bedroom… And I have spent every moment between work, work, and socializing laying in my bed catching up on all the seasons on DVD that I own!

    Tonight, although its minus 20 out there, I’m going for a run when I get off work! Not sure how long it will be… But anything is better than nothing!!

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  3. Today:

    Wow!! I just had an excessively good, but short workout!! 35 hard minutes… And now heated, sweaty, and tired! So proud!! Haven’t felt that productive in ages!! Decent day for eating today as well! All around healthy, fit, and good day! (other than having spent the afternoon standing in the cold and wind at a gravesite… But I’m trying to think of the positive!) Good night fellow tumblrs… Tomorrow I start my new job at the university… And have a study date planned with one of my besties! Oh happy day!!

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  4. Friday

    Class - Done
    Workout - Done
    Homework (To-Do: 12 page essay & 4 page essay)
    Date Night

    … Then tomorrow… It’s my birthday!! Whoop Whoop!!

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  5. Cardio + Weights = Done

    Workout done… Now time for work!!!

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  6. Ringette

    Ringette game now darlings!! Playing against the Western Canadian Champs tonight… Look out workout… This is gonna hurt!!

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  7. Ringette Tonight!

    Second game of the winter season tonight… Open 1 Championship here we come!! bahahaha

    Maybe not the champs… but I am thinking that we can totally take this team tonight!! ¬†Rough start last weekend… but we got this now!!

    PS: Hopefully I don’t have to drop back and cover defense inadequacies again for 80% of the game… I like scoring goals!!¬†

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