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healthy body blog !


    healthy body blog !

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  2. July 18, 2012

    I have not done one of these in 5 months apparently, because I have been too ashamed to bare it! But here I go!!…

    HW:   167lbs. (February 2012)

    CW:   156lbs. (July 18, 2012)  <— by the way this number last night made me very very happy (I could tell that I had trimmed down, but had been scared to find out that it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it had been!)

    GW1:  145lbs. (~September 1, 2012)

    GW2:  135lbs. (~October 22, 2012)

    UGW:  125lbs. (To Be Determined Based on Progress)

    When I reach my GW1 —> I will be purchasing myself a heart rate monitor! (nothing like a little bribery to encourage yourself!)

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  3. After two days of strenuously clean eating I am down at least 2 lbs!

    After two days of strenuously clean eating I am down at least 2 lbs!

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  4. Oh Goodness!!!

    CW: 152.4!!!

    Not Cool!!!!

    Are you kidding me… I take a few weeks off my diet and all shit breaks loose!!

    Now granted I have eaten 3 meals today… and am fully clothed (jeans, shirt and sweater)… but still that is unreasonable!! That is a gain of 15lbs in 3 weeks!

    Strict Diet starts again tomorrow!!

    Bought my food journal today… I am ready to hit my goals!!

    HW: 165

    CW: 152.4

    GW1: 145.0

    GW2: 140.0

    GW3: 135.0

    GW4: 130.0

    GW5: 125.0

    GW6: 123.0

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  5. Monday Morning Weigh-In

    Tomorrow will be the devastating day when I determine exactly how far I have slid down the slipperly slope of the scale!!

    Please stay tuned!!! 

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